Winterhaven events and pictures
from 2008 and 2009

Linda and Jim in front of the house in 1998
Stocking the pond with trout The pond in the morning
The pond from the north side, looking south. Plowing Snow Sneakers on the stairs

Welcome to the Winterhaven events and pictures webpage.

Since we are far off the beaten path in northern Michigan, for our friends and relatives who can't be with us on a regular basis, we will try to post pictures of Winterhaven and our activities. That way, we can share it with all of you even if you can't be here in person.


Before we get to the Winterhaven Pictures, here are a few links to related pages:

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Most Recent Additions

February Sunrise Frost on Tree Branches Frosty Tree Winter Snow Myska Enjoys a Winter Day Winter is for the Birds Winter Morning BBQ in Snow The North End - Finished Snow by the Driveway

General Winterhaven Pics

A few general pictures of Winterhaven. Just sort of a catchall to put the pictures that don't fit into another category.....

Removing Plaster Ceiling on the Floor Priming the Walls Painting Walls Ready to Paint Floor Moving Back The South End - Finished The North End - Finished


Ongoing pictures of Winterhaven pets.....

Sneakers Recovers Myska Enjoys a Winter Day

Winter In The Copper Country

Winter is usually a spectacular season in the Copper Country. Several feet on the ground is pretty normal. Snow shoes and skiis (cross country, of course) get a lot of use.

First Snow BBQ in the Snow Not Even Winter Yet Snow by the Driveway Early January Winter is for the Birds Winter Morning BBQ in Snow Winter Snow February Sunrise Frost on Tree Branches Frosty Tree

Christmas 2008

Jim and Jodi, along with Ryan and Tyler, joined us for Christmas 2008. Well, they weren't actually here on Christmas day, arriving the day after. Here are a few shots from our belated holiday.

Picking a Christmas Tree Cutting the Christmas Tree Christmas Morning Italian Hall Memorial Rotary Project Paper Airplanes Waiting for an Airplane Happy Camper Cars Blanket Train Blanket Sneakers Mug for Grandpa Mug for Grandma Tyler Ready for Bed Ryan Ready for Bed Drinking Grandpa´s Juice More Airplanes More Paper And... A Box Blanket for Jim and Jodi Fire Chief Mittens for Jodi Tractors Ryan Helps Unwrap Sharing Family Picture

The Pond

The pond is, perhaps, the most enjoyable aspect of life here at Winterhaven. We spend many evenings watching ducks and other wildlife congregate around and on the pond.

Fish for the Pond Bluegill Stocking the Pond Winter at the Pond Winter at the Pond


We don't often get all the family here, but from time to time we get together with bits and pieces of it. We also have occasional visits from friends. Here are a few pictures.

Thanksgiving Snowshoeing Snowshoeing

Isle Royale Trip

In September I joined Don Savera on a trip to Isle Royale. He had been there a number of times but it was my first time. It was a trip, alright.

Leaving the Mainland Rock Harbor Duncan Bay Dinner in Camp Sunset in Duncan Bay Breakfast Belle Isle Portage from Hell 1 Portage from Hell 2 Portage from Hell 3 Portage from Hell 4 Don with Canoe Back in Rock Harbor Rock Harbor Dock Another Fox Scoville Point Scoville Point Scoville Point Raspberry Island Lunch

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